Blogging and Writing
Class of 78, Steve Spinks, CC BY

Online writing, blogging is a receiving a great deal of prominence at the moment and rightly so. Blogging is real world writing - for a real audience who can also comment, suggest and that will be read - hopefully widely - beyond the confines of the class or school. Open media content can offer a greats starting point for writing for students of all ages and abilities. Whether this is a historic photo, a work of art or a perhaps a Christmas or children's illustration they offer great opportunities to help students develop blogging and online writing.

There are some innovative international and local and blogging projects taking place including Quadblogging and a the Computing Crew shows how blogging and computing can be combined. It is interesting to note that some of the schools blogs listed in Quadblogging include School trips, timeline tools. Perhaps schools involved in these or other blogging initiatives might find useful resources in the sources page on the toolkit.
  • Unique visual material
  • Inspiration and stimulus
  • Primary source illustrations and media
  • Powerful content for discussing current issues
  • Interpretation and inference

All of these can be presented in many ways
  • Class blogs
  • Individual Blogs
  • Assignments
  • Poetry & Verse
  • Diaries
  • Magazines
  • Comics

If you use open content for blogging or writing it would be great if you could share it on the toolkit.

Processes that could be included in this activity include: Remix , Research, Search and Discovery, Curation

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