Coding and Programming
Although there has always been a history of programming in some schools and by some teachers and students, there is now a much greater emphasis in schools, globally and the UK. Initiatives and lobbying by the tech industry have raised awareness of this in schools and in the UK it is now a required part of the Computing National Curriculum

This section on coding an programming is very closely linked with the Interactivity Remixing and Modelling

The poster below was remixed with Mozilla Thimble to highlight the launch of the British Library 1 Million images on Flickr

Poster remix

Programming with Scratch
Scratch from MIT labs is an easy to use visual programming tool that helps young people learn to think creatively, reason systematically, and work collaboratively and develop essential and important digital skills, which they may find very useful in the future.

Robarte 1

Scratch has the facility to add images and even video to the background as in the art recognition above or this other example

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