Examples of learning activities using Open Content

This page provides some possible starting points for learning activities as starters .They cover a broad range of tools and how they might be used. Some are simple others more complex. However as I am only one I think - especially for the Primary age range
Please add your own ideas and examples to the list, or by creating you own page to share your examples, either by adding to link or on your own members page.

Swedish National Heritage Board on Flickr Commons
  1. Digital Narratives (Stories and Storytelling)
  2. Illustration
  3. Digital Effects
  4. Colourising (hand colouring)
  5. Colouring Old Illustrations
  6. Annotated Images
  7. Mindmaps
  8. Then and Now
  9. Remixing
  10. Interactivity
  11. Coding
  12. Modelling
  13. Timelines
  14. Blogging and Writing
  15. Quizzes and Surveys
  16. Games
  17. Screencasts
  18. Digital Citizens
  19. Mobile Technology

New ideas from members!

Of course many of these example are closely related using similar techniques and skills.