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Building on the previous example of the Ken Burns effect, this sophisticated video by Joe Bell, a New Media student at the University of Leeds, uses advanced tools and techniques including Adobe Photoshop, Adobe after effect... and to quote Joe ”Blood Sweat and Tears”

However digital assets can be changed by simple and easy accessible effects available using digital effect tools available online/ software.

There is a widespread public use and popularity of 'old photograph' or retro effects in online digital images, popularised by applications such as Instagram, these effects or filters are also commonly found in tools such as iPhotos, Google photos and many free to use online image editors such as.. name.. and of course on apps for phones and tablets. As a rule hey are very easy to use - often requiring no more than one mouse click or ta

Most video editing tools and much screencast software will enable you to create digital effects

Animated Gif
external image tumblr_n95qvatDan1rggurro1_500.gif
JohnJohnston CC BY based on George Wither’s Emblemes,

Animated gifs

there are number of tools for making animated gifs or the more sophisticated cinemagraphs.
external image Waving_reeds_cinemagraph.gif

Whilst some ask bigger questions or can be used to illustrate a dynamic process.

Learning Outcomes and Activities
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  • image editing skills
  • video editing
  • animation
  • computing skills
  • ICT skills

More Examples GIF IT UP Open competition (Oct-Dec 2014)Cat.gif
Credit: Cat Galloping (1887). Courtesy USC Digital Library, 2010. Item is in the public domain: GIF available under a CC-BY license.
Competition winners here

Tools Image
Tools Gif/Cinemagraph IMG Flip (online)Instagiffer (desktop)
Tools Audio Audacity

Tools Video

Processes that could be included in this activity include: Search & Discovery, Remix and Digital Literacies

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