Getting Started - Using the toolkit

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This toolkit is designed to provide a community and starting point, and a shared space to develop ideas an practices that will exploit the potential of open digital content for teaching and learning.

Although this primarily aimed at all levels of school education, there may be ideas and practices that are appropriate for, or can be developed by those working in the other education sectors of FE, HE including Teacher Education, The wiki is fully open to anyone, you can of course just use the wiki to learn and check out resources up, discover new resources and be inspired by the examples shown, but we invite and welcome all to join this community by signing up here

The main sections of the toolkit are:
You may want to visit this section first, it features a constantly updated extensive set of linked open content resources together with some more in depth reading, including papers, articles and blog posts. You are of course invited to add anything you think relevant and appropriate to these resources. Some of the resources listed may also be listed again on individual pages, for example, those showcasing exemplars created using open content.

You can also check out visual overview of Open Resources on the accompanying Open Content Showcase Community on Google +

Here you can check out some exciting examples of the type of work that might be undertaken using open content. This section also details the important processes which that underly using open content. Of course it can be greatly improved if you add your own ideas and examples to the list.

Why not join the community, set up your own personalised pages, share examples of your work, ideas, create mini blogs and shareable resources? It is the community of members and their ideas and contributions that will add the real pedagogical value to the toolkit and ensure its sustainability.

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Whenever possible add comments and thoughts on the content of any page to the discussion tabs including the one for this page which invites critical feedback and ideas for improving the toolkit. One of the potential gains of this wiki will be to host and disseminate discussions as widely as possible. I have seeded one discussion on this page to get us started,

Some of he initial wiki information pages such as introduction and getting started are locked to keep the information generic for all users, if you think something should be changed or amended suggest this in the relevant discussion tab for each page. Of course you can create your own page by following the simple steps outlined here

Embedded forms
Some pages will include embedded forms for you to contribute ideas for using exemplars.