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The purpose of the Open Content Toolkit wiki aims to share both contemporary and historical openly licensed content from media archives and collections around the world. The toolkit provides a space to explore, discuss and share examples of the use of open media at all school stages and at all levels of education. It is intended to be a truly Cross Curricular resource. The toolkit is free and open to all with an interest in open resources, media archives, education and the digital humanities.
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To develop strategies that will identify or kickstart potential projects and workshop formats that can help schools, teachers and students; engage with, and take advantage of the growing wealth of open digital content and resources available online. The toolkit is designed to help them discover resources that can be used freely and safely in all curriculum areas. The toolkit aims to actively involve teachers and students in developing open resources, and to provide a frameworks and ideas for advocating the use of open content and media archives.

Some possible learning activities and outcomes are listed below:
  • Search and discovery skills
  • Curation
  • Research skills
  • Critical thinking
  • Writing for audience (inc. blogging)
  • Digital literacy.... (ies)
  • ICT and Computing capability, including computational thinking coding and web skills
  • A practical and useful understanding of Copyright
  • Historical and cultural perspective on our culture and society

Add value to curricula, subject knowledge, and projects through:
  • Creative approaches to subject content
  • Making
  • Remixing
  • Sharing
  • Broadcasting/publishing
  • Promoting open resources

Designing Learning
  • Learning frameworks
  • Learning opportunities

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Taking it further
If you want to know more about the toolkit, or open digital content I can customise any aspect of it for your school or organisation, I can offer meetings, workshops, school visits and seminars to develop any of the strands and ideas in a personalised context. I am also available to speak at conferences on any of the themes projects and examples covered in this toolkit, and illustrate the progression and impact of the toolkit as it develops.
I would be very happy to discuss any of the above informally, and welcome you to get in touch either by sending a message through the wiki, or contact me here, either by email or skype.

Due to Wikispaces closing the service these pages will not be updated on this site. I am currently looking to move them to a new platform and improve and build on them.

Information technology can help to equalise the distribution of high quality educational opportunities throughout the world. In particular, having learning materials freely available for adaptation and re-purposing can expand access to learning of better quality at lower cost. A campaign to make freely adaptable content known as Open Educational Resources (OER) widely available has gathered momentum. A global community of OER producers has emerged and institutions are incorporating these resources into their teaching and learning strategies” Unesco 2012